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 Under Attack

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PostSubject: Under Attack   Under Attack I_icon_minitimeWed May 18, 2011 12:17 pm

While under attack it is normal to panic and fall off the beam of positivity. From my own experience,the attacks come from out of the blue. Enemies charge into your life life like starving wolves. They rush in using fear and threats to force you to obey them. They push you down by threatening to take away what you value most...your freedom,independence,and security...or they go after what you need...home,car,utilities,phone,money...the really power hungry ones will go after your children,doing all in their power to destroy your family. These enemies humiliate you,treat you less than a stray dog. They will use blatant lies if that's what it takes to control you and gain mastery over you.

While being attacked by power hungry enemies,especially if your safety,security,freedom,independence,and survival are being threatened,the normal reaction is to retaliate,to fight back,or to cower at the enemies feet begging for mercy. Normal as that may be...its not the way to react. As soon as you can get some time away from the enemy...take out your journal and a pen and write your desired outcome from the bad if the situation has already past and you are now living a wonderful life,with all the things and money you want. Yes,write your ideal life...using all 5 senses...and write as if it is already your reality. Visualize as you write.
Write this way everyday...until you've written those enemies out of your life.

Along with the daily writing assignments,do things you enjoy doing,have fun,play,laugh,create,and beautify your personal world. The enemy wants you to be living your life paralyzed by fear. Don't do that. Keep yourself busy doing things that make you feel terrific,things that make you smile and laugh,things that make you feel like a child again.
Very Happy
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Under Attack
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