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 Extreme Negativity

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Join date : 2011-04-15

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PostSubject: Extreme Negativity   Extreme Negativity I_icon_minitimeSun May 22, 2011 10:35 am

My husband is a prime example of how to live your life in a wasteland. Although he complains loudly about how much he hates being poor...he waves poverty like a badge of honor,as if being poor is an honor,something to be proud of. No telling how many times a day and night,you'll hear him talking about how poor he is...I'm a poor factory worker...I'm a poor working man,and on and on it goes. If one of my 2 sons or me need something,my husband's first words are...I'm poor,I can't afford it...I'm broke...and then he's off on an extreme negativity binge...will I always be poor? Will it ever get better? Will things ever change? Then he jumps into the victim role...I need help...I can't do it on my own. Off into the blame game he goes...his boss doesn't pay him enough...its the president's sons and me caused all his woes...the economy caused it...God hates him. Further locking the man into things going from bad to worse,is the way he treats his wife and kids...rages at them,cusses them,humiliates them,deprives them,wishes harm,even death on them. He cusses God and then wonders why God won't help him. He cusses the rich,cusses those that have new cars and beautiful homes,begrudges them of the blessings they have. He hides his money,hoards it. He complains loudly each time he has a bill to pay or has to pay the rent on the house. He has been driving the same old truck for 25 years now.

Reading and thinking about all that ugliness doesn't make you feel good,does it? Well,that's my husband's daily living,his daily thoughts and feelings,its the way he chooses to live his life. He's very poor,nothing ever gets better for him,things go from bad to worse for him,its one problem,one trouble after another for him,all his fears are coming upon him. He's comfortable in a world of gross negativity. He has no interest in The Laws Of Attraction or anything that's positive. Negativity and poverty is his comfort zone.
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Posts : 147
Join date : 2011-04-15

Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Extreme Negativity   Extreme Negativity I_icon_minitimeTue May 24, 2011 5:45 pm

study My husband's extreme negativity and deeply embedded poverty complex became even more far-reaching during the past 2 years. As I watch my husband's world cave in, I find myself studying and practicing the Laws Of Attraction like I never have before. I am at a place where I am comprehending and absorbing the laws with ease. As for my husband...within a 2 week period,he has been accused of car theft,vandelism,was jailed for animal cruelty,struck and totaled a woman's car,has a stack of bills he could never a student and user of the Laws Of Attraction I fully understand why my husband's world has caved in. No,he didn't commit those crimes,but did total a woman's car...he's being falsely accused,but he brought it all on himself,through his paralyzing fears,excessively negative thoughts,through his poverty complex,through idolizing money,and because of the intense hatred he has for my sons and me,mentally and emotionally abusing us...and how deeply he hates others for having nice things in life. I'm also seeing God Himself on the scene...God knows how horribly my husband has treated my sons and me,and the countless times I've begged God to stop the abuse.

I am telling you all of this to help you see and understand why a person's world caves in and all the wrath of hell rushes in on that person. I've given you everything I can to assist you in manifesting your ideal life...but the most powerful tools you have were embedded inside you by the Universe...greater is He that is in you than he that is in the weapon formed against you shall have the power to become rich...the kingdom of the Universe is within have access to the Universal bank,and it never runs out of money,the funds are unlimited in the Universal bank. Go now...and manifest your ideal life.
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Extreme Negativity
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