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 Visualize In Depth

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PostSubject: Visualize In Depth   Wed May 25, 2011 2:45 pm

My family and me are living in the house I visualized...not entirely a good thing. We had lost our other house to we needed someplace to live. I got busy visualizing the house I wanted,mainly focusing on hardwood and lanolium flloors,no carpets,whatsoever...ah,yeah,a nice clean,fresh,decluttered,organized house...3 bedrooms...well...I got the house that I had been visualizing...only took 2 weeks to receive it...yep,there was those hardwood and lanolium floors,cleanliness,freshness,no clutter,central heat and air...everything I had aked for and visualized...seems ideal huh? Wrong...the house was a rental...built back in 1959,as primative as can be,cepts for central heat and air...people in the neighborhood...bums,vandals,outlaws,busybodies,and straight out weirdos. We're still in that house,in the slum neighborhood,but I'm finding it rather funny,cuz my visualizations weren't nearly specific enough...the domination for me was the hardwood and lanolium floors,the cleanliness,and the central heat and air. I failed to visualize the age and style of the house...didn't bother visualizing the type of neighborhood and neighbors I wanted.

When visualizing for something you want,be very detailed,very specific...and don't commit the mistakes I did.
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Posts : 147
Join date : 2011-04-15

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30/30  (30/30)

PostSubject: Re: Visualize In Depth   Thu May 26, 2011 9:40 am

When you co-create with the Universe to design your dream very,very specific and detail everything. Design each room in the house exactly the way you want it,include everything you want in the of furniture,such as living room suite,bedrooms suites...types of appliances...types and sizes of beds...spend time detailing each room in the house,including colors...and hey,this is your chance to be an interior designer. Do you want a brand new custom built house or an old Victorian from the early 1900s? How big do you want your house? Designing your dream house is can add more than just the bedrooms,bathrooms,kitchen,dining,and laundry can add a den,a fully stocked bar,a game room,a gym,a library,an office,a theater,a breakfast nook,etc. Go on youtube and look up million dollar homes,watch the videos to get ideas for your own dream home.

What's outside of the home is as important as what's inside the home...what type of neighborhood and neighbors do you want? Remember,detail everything,be specific. Do you want a storage shed,work shop? Do you want a 2 car garage,or 3 or 4 car garage? Design them the way you want them. Bird bath,stepping stones,sidewalks,gazebo? Covered front and back porch? Sunroom? Use your imagination,visualize,and have fun designing your perfect dream home.

Write it all down in a journal,visualizing as you write,as if you already are living in that beautiful home...experience it all with your 5 senses.
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Visualize In Depth
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