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 Long Time Coming

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PostSubject: Long Time Coming   Sun May 15, 2011 11:14 pm

If nothing is changing,nothing is improving,its going from bad to need to ask yourself some questions and write it all down in a journal or on notebook paper...
1. Am I striving and struggling?
2. Am I fighting?
3. Am I pressing and pushing?
4. Am I working for it?
5. Am I trying to earn it?
6. Am I competing for it?
7. Am I sacrificing for it?
8. Am I begging for it?
9. Am I crying for it?
10. Am I worrying over it?
11. Do I really believe I will receive it?
12. Am I using my meaure of faith?
13. Do I really trust the Universe?
14. Was I specific and detailed in my Cosmic Order?
15. Am I trying to make a way to receive it?
16. Have I set a date to receive it?
17. Am I doing what I love to do?
18. Am I taking care of myself?
19. Do I smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol?
20. I am expressing gratitude?
21. Have I forgiven my enemies?
22. Have I forgiven myself?
23. Am I visualizing in detail and with all 5 senses?
24. Am I allowing myself to receive?
25. Am I open to receive?
26. How good do I feel?
27. Am I more positive or more negative?
28. Am I having pity parties?
29. Am I having temper tantrums?
30. Am I giving my power to others?
31. Do I love myself?
32. Am I bitter and hostile?
33. Am I rehashing the past?
34. Am I fearful and insecure?
35. Am I demanding,commanding?
36. Do I have a poverty complex?
37. Do I have low self-esteem?
38. Am I using the Laws Of Attraction?
39. Do I keep changing my mind?
40. Have I placed a Cosmic Order for more than my car?
41. Am I in partnership with the Universe?
42. Am I healthy physically,mentally,and emotionally?

By taking inventory,by answering these questions honestly,you will know where you stand in regard to receiving what you've cosmically ordered...and you'll know what to correct in order to receive your order.
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Posts : 147
Join date : 2011-04-15

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PostSubject: Re: Long Time Coming   Tue May 17, 2011 12:53 pm

Let's Correct The Mistakes...
2.Simplify...make it easy and enjoyable.
3.Let go and Let The Universe do it.
4.Attract it with good feelings,wholesome
5.You can't earn attract it.
6.The Universe owns all the gold and silver...and
if you are in partnership with Him,you have
full access to anything you need or desire.
7.Place your cosmic order and believe you will
receive what you've ordered.
8.Begging is a lack of belief,its failure to use your
faith,its a lack of trust in the Universe.
9.Faith,not tears,moves the Universe to give you
what you've asked for.
10.When you worry about something you are
floundering in fear,doubt, feel
helpless,hopeless,confused...and you expect
the worst to happen...and guess what? You
receive what you expect.
11.Just mouthing the words "I believe I will
receive it," has no power whatsoever. True
belief is something you feel with the depth
of your being...its an inner knowing...there
are no doubts.
12.All you need is faith the size of a Mustard seed
to move mountains of problems out of your
13.If you don't trust the Universe,you can't fool
Him into believing you do. He knows your
heart and thoughts...He knows the truth.
14.When you write out a Cosmic Order,what you
order should be specific and detailed.
15.The Universe will make a way for you to
receive what you've ordered. Be open to
receive...allow yourself to receive it.
16.The Universe,not you,decides when you will
receive that new car,or whatever it was you
ordered. However,you,through negative
thoughts and actions...through disbelief...
through fear,can delay recieving your order.
17.Make a list of all the things you love to do...
and do those things.
18.Self-neglect and abuse makes you feel bad.,
greatly damages your physical health and
deteriorates your mental and emotional well-
monumental blocks,stopping you from
receiving what you've Cosmically ordered.
20.Always be grateful for past,present,and future
blessings. A lack of gratitude displeases the
21.Unforgiveness of your enemies and even
yourself is a gigantic block to recieving
from the Universe.
22.Forgive yourself,love yourself.
23.Visualize as if you already have it,using all 5
24.Through good feelings and thoughts,you
receive what you've Cosmically ordered.
25.When you feel good,your thoughts are
wholesome...this is when you are open
to recieve.
26.Bad feelings,negative thoughts brings results
you don't want.
27.If you are more negative than positive,you
will find yourself receiving stuff you don't
28.Pity parties won't move the Universe into
your situation. He's looking for faith,for
belief,for trust.
29.Temper tantrums is a complete lack of belief,
faith,and trust. TTs won't move the Universe
into your situation.
30.When you argue with others,when you fear
them,when you go after revenge,when you
spend time thinking about them,cussing them.
rehearsing what to say to are
giving them your power.
31.Get to know yourself and what your Heavenly
Father thinks about you...fall in love with
32.Ask the Universe to fill you to the brim with
33.Bury the can't be changed or erased.
34.Fear is a total lack of faith,belief,and trust.
35.Never demand or command anything from
the Universe. Respect and honor Him. You
can't force Him to do anything.
36.Use what I've given you in this
will build a wealth,health,prosperity
37.With a wealth,health,prosperity mentality.your
self-esteem will become strong and healthy.
38.Use The Laws Of Attraction,apply them...just
knowing them accomplishes nothing.
39.Refrain from constantly changing your mind.
40.Place a Cosmic Order for only one item...never
make a list of wants to the Cosmos. That list
will confuse your Subconscious Mind.
41.Check the forum for the partnership with the
42.Take excellent care of yourself.

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Posts : 147
Join date : 2011-04-15

Character sheet
sports car:
30/30  (30/30)

PostSubject: Re: Long Time Coming   Sun May 22, 2011 6:23 pm

If you are more negative than positive...if you feel bad more than you feel good...your wish isn't going to be granted. You have not,because you are negative the majority of the time. Its like going to church on Sunday worship and serve the
lord,you praise Him,glorify Him...for that one morning,you are a Christian...but after you leave the church you get out to your car,light a cigarette,call up a friend on your celly,and start go on to spend the rest of the week sinning...for the rest of the week,you don't pray or read your don't even give God a thought,unless you need something from Him. Well,that's what happens in the use of The Laws Of Attraction...perhapse...each day you have a 15 minute power session...after that session you feel empowered,you feel good,but as soon as you get back into the rest of you routine,your other daily start wavering as the good feelings and uplifting thoughts start to fade,replaced by a harsh,unattractive reality...the real world in which you life...a phone call from a bill collector,your 6 year old breaks your favorite vase...the dog wetted on the kitchen floor...your car won't start...your spouse is complaining about this and that...your facebook account got receive a letter in the mail from the city,warning you about the hedges that needs to be trimmed,or now you are anything but positive,and you sure don't feel are stressed.angry,overwhelmed,confused...that power session wore off hours ago. What happened? Simple,you're not living The Laws Of only use those laws in your power sessions,that's 15 minutes a day. You'd be much better empowered to take on the fiery darts of daily living,if you did 3 power sessions a day...30 minutes per session. If you really want your wishes to come true,you really desire a wonderful life for you and your family,you'll make the time for 3 power sessions...30 minutes each. The more time you put into practicing the Laws Of Attraction,the stronger you will become...and you'll be much more likely to remain steady and poised...more positive than negative,feeling good more than feeling bad...and your wishes will be granted.
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Posts : 147
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PostSubject: Re: Long Time Coming   Sun May 22, 2011 7:09 pm

Is this your problem? You are fine and strong,robust and healthy when doing your power sessions...just dandy when you alone with your beautiful dreams...but as soon as you get in the company of someone negative,you switch off The Laws Of participate in negative conversations,join pity parties,align with the poor folks...yup,you become just like your company...splashing in that lake of negativity,swimming in all those toxins and poisons.

It may seem harsh or mean,but you should make it clear to your negative family members and don't care to listen to negativity...if they insist on spewing negativity...get up and leave the room...and if on the phone,hang up. Hey,you politely asked them to stop being so negative in your presence.

If you are going to live The Laws Of Attraction,you put all of you into it,you put your heart,soul,and spirit into it. You won't be perfect,but with time and daily practice you will become mostly positive,most of the time...and that is when your wish is granted.
Rolling Eyes
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Posts : 147
Join date : 2011-04-15

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30/30  (30/30)

PostSubject: Re: Long Time Coming   Mon May 23, 2011 9:33 pm

If its not working,its because you aren't letting it work...on top of that you aren't fully applying are reading the LOA,but not applying those laws or you are only using the few that appeals to you. You are making up excuses for not practicing the laws...I don't have the time...its to confusing...its boring...all excuses. You don't apply try it out for a week,nothing happens,so you give read the latest,greatest LOA book,without applying yourself,shove the book on the book-shelf,saying it doesn't you quit. You test out this program and that one...never putting in the time and effort to receive benefits from any one don't finish your LOA projects.always starting and quitting,like a dieter trying one diet after another,always starting over. With LOA you expect instant results and when you don't get that you quit...always looking for a quick fix,a magic formula...when you can't find it you give up,throw in the towel,complaining that The Laws Of Attraction don't work. The Laws Of Attraction works,if you apply those laws and live them each day of your life. LOA isn't a once a year 1 week vacation.
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Posts : 147
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PostSubject: Re: Long Time Coming   Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:11 pm

If its not working,you may need to lower your sights. Perhapse that Lambo Gallardo is triggering to much negativity,causing you to repell rather than attract it. You may be more fixed on how to come up with the steep price of the car. It could be flaming an already poor relationship with money. You've probably bit off more than you can chew or ordered more food than you could possibly eat. Try this...choose a much less pricey car...perhapse a new Ford Focus,a Ford Fusion,a Chevy Cruze,a BMW 3 series,or even a Ford Fiesta,but make sure its one you'd enjoy owning and driving. Romance this car. You should be able to form a vibrational match with it and thereby attract it...and eventually receive it. Eventually you'll be fit for the Lambo Gallardo,but in the meantime you'll have a sweet new car...and you may like that sweet ride so much,you'll forget all about that least for awhile.
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Posts : 147
Join date : 2011-04-15

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PostSubject: Re: Long Time Coming   Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:47 pm

Using words,spoken or written can lead to the rejection of your request for a new car or anything else...although you do your best to make your cosmic request positive and acceptable,using words,phrases,sentences,paragraphs that come out sounding or looking good to could be rejected just the same...and for many reasons. We won't touch on any of those possible reasons. I am going to give you a way to avoid rejection by the cosmos. Instead of using spoken or written use nothing but your breathing,your hands,a colorful glowing ball (imagined,not a real ball),and visualization. You have your wish or need,a problem,or prepare yourself for meditation...comfy position,deep breathing,no music,your breathing and exhaling is the only sounds...stack your hands on your navel area or heart,or forehead,whichever you imagine yourself inside of a bright colored glowing ball,which is floating inside the area where your hands are...keep your eyes closed...visualize what you wish to receive,zero in on it...focus on it,as if its right there in front of you,inside that bright colored glowing ball...deep breaths as you focus on what you want...with each deep breath you are receiving what you want...each exhale you are expressing thanksgiving for what you are receiving. Keep doing this until you feel certain you have received what you want...there are no doubts,its yours. Do not use words...only your breathing,exhaling,and focusing.
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PostSubject: Re: Long Time Coming   

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Long Time Coming
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