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 Attract And Receive

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PostSubject: Attract And Receive    Attract And Receive  I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 08, 2011 3:52 pm

This will be fun and powerful. Imagine there is a powerful magnet in each of your hands,inside your palms...bright chrome magnets. Lay down on your back,on your bed,arms by your sides,palms facing the ceiling,eyes closed...deep breaths until you are fully relaxed. I will provide the outline...you will provide the details,using your 5 senses,experiencing it all as if it is already happening. Visualize now...you go out to your favorite place to eat on a bright,warm,sunny morning...you park your car,get out,and immediatly notice something rolled up and green behind the front tire of the next to yours...curious,you stoop down and pick up the roll of green paper...to your delight,its a roll of 100 dollar bills...you stand up,count the money...its $600.00! Joyously,you stuff it into your pants pocket. You go inside...while enjoying your delicious meal,you notice something green under an empty nearby table...you get up,walk over,bend down,and pick up the green paper...to your pleasure,its $300.00! You return to your table,after stuffing the money into your pocket,with the 600 dollars you found earlier...you finish your delicious meal. You go to the grocery store for food for you and your family for the week...you park,get out of your car...and notice a plastic bag in a nearby shopping cart...looks like there's something in the bag,so you walk over to the cart,open the bag...to find its full of 100 dollar bills!!! You take it to your car...open the trunk of your car and put the bag of money into the trunk...joyously you walk to the store,thinking about all the money you now have. Standing in line to pay for your groceries,you notice money on the floor beside your foot...you bend over,pick it up...another 100 dollars! From the grocery store you go to the gas station to fuel your car...while pumping your gas,an elderly man approaches,handing you something,telling you you dropped it...you take it,the old man leaves...you look and smile...another $300.00! YOu pay for your gas,get in your car...and notice a white envelope on the passenger seat...you pick up the plain white envelope to find money! You take the money out...count it...$700.00!

Its up to you to keep this vision going,for as long as you wish. This is very powerful...a fun way to remove money blocks...develop a good relationship with money...powerful way to attract and receive money in abundance. Have fun with this vision and do it whenever you please.
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Attract And Receive
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