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 Choose Wisely

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PostSubject: Choose Wisely   Choose Wisely I_icon_minitimeWed May 25, 2011 10:41 am

Make sure the car you choose to receive is truly your choice. Don't choose a Ford Fusion to please your spouse. If you prefer a new Camaro SS,choose it. Don't choose a Ford Mustang just because 3 of your friends have Mustangs. If you don't care for Mustangs,don't choose one. Don't choose a Honda Civic just because it has excellent ratings. If you want a new Dodge Challenger.choose it. Don't choose a Chevy just because your family and relatives have always driven Chevies. If you want a new Mustang,choose it. Don't choose a Lambo Gallardo just so you can drive past the enemy's house and yell, "Suck it!" Don't choose a car just to stroke your ego and make people jealous. Choose wisely...choose a car YOU want. You're going to be the owner and driver of it,the one taking care of it,insuring it,giving it whatever it needs,washing and detailing it...so choose the one that YOU,YOU,YOU want. If you choose a car to please others,to make them happy,to keep the peace,or for ego strokes...you won't be able to aligne with the car,there will be no vibrational match...you won't receive the car...and if you did...you'd be unhappy with it,wishing you had selected the one you really,really,really want.
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Choose Wisely
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