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PostSubject: No Experience   Sun May 22, 2011 9:08 pm

If you have no experience manifesting a new will be difficult,if not downright impossible for you to manifest a $400.000.00 sports car. Although you may be romancing that sports car,you aren't going to believe its really'll carry doubts...because of doubts,a faulty belief system,feelings of unworthiness...well,you won't be able to align with the car and become a vibrational match with won't be able to attract it. I'm not trying to rain on your parade. Let's say you currently drive a $10.000.00 car...its average...what would be considered a grocery getter...its used,perhapse a few years about the mighty jump from 10 grand to 400 grand...a jump that dramatic is going to simply not work out...not at this time,no matter how much you romance the car...the doubts will be there,even if you attempt to bury them. There's going to be questions,confusion,and even fear. That 400 grand sports car is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of your comfort zone. You'll be scattering your energies and attraction powers by fighting off the negativity,fears,and confusion,the doubts...and you'll find yourself feeling overwhelmed,stressed,and anxious. You'll find you aren't feeling good about the car,no matter how much you'd love to have it. You've bit off more than you can chew. You've jumped in the deep end of the pool...and you can't swim. None of this to to say you won't ever have that sports car,but you need experience in manifesting a new car. Mnifest the first car,not the sports car,one much closer to your comfort zone. Ah hah! Choose a new car that doesn't exceed $30.000.00...there are lots of beautiful cars in this price range...and its not a dramatic jump away from your comfort zone. Romance your $30.000.00 beauty just as you would the 400 grand sports car. Remain loyal,true,and committed to this car. In accord with the timing of the Uiverse,you will receive your new car,you'll bring her home,to serve you,your daily driver,your companion.
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Posts : 147
Join date : 2011-04-15

Character sheet
sports car:
30/30  (30/30)

PostSubject: Re: No Experience   Sun May 22, 2011 10:42 pm

Pay attention to your Spirit Guide. My new car is a new 2012 BMW 650i coupe. It took me 5 years to get her in escrow. Although I repeatedly traded my BMW for lesser cars,my Spirit Guide relentlessly brought my BMW and me back together...until I was settled with a 2012 650i coupe. I made many mistakes in getting my car into escrow. This is why I am trying to help you avoid a lengthy wait. It took me 5 long years to accept my BMW and become fully open to receive it. I'd already had experience in manifesting cars,but not nearly as costly and sophisticated as my BMW.

Although I advice against going for an expensive highly sophisticated car,if you have no experience manifesting a car,listen to your Spirit Guide. He may wish for you to stay with the high priced sports car with all that speed and sophistication. If not,switch to a car that's not all that far out of your comfort zone.

After romancing my BMW 650i coupe for 5 years she's a part of me,my vibrational match...she's 100% mine...and is finally in escrow. Its time for me to bring her home. Keep romancing your beauty until you get her into escrow.
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