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 Claiming It

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PostSubject: Claiming It    Claiming It  I_icon_minitimeMon May 09, 2011 6:36 pm

I strongly advice against claiming a car at a dealership...not because you can't have that one,but because it can derail you. By claiming a specific car at a dealership you become attached to it and come to believe its yours,its the one you will be bringing home...this should be your goal,but in this case its ill-advised. With the car for sale at the dealership,with potential buyers looking at it,maybe even test driving it,you're likely to become protective of believe fully its yours,which means you feel you need to protect,defend it,keep it safe,keep people away from it...these aren't good worry about the car...what if someone buys it? God forbid! You can't relaxe and enjoy the car because you fear someone might buy it. Everytime you visit the car,while you are elsewhere on the lot,someone stops by your dream car to look at feel want to race over and command that person to get away from your car. You spend time away from your car praying for the Universe to protect your may even do protection rituals to keep the car safe. Your feelings and thoughts are anything but enjoyable. With all those bad feelings and thoughts,you can't align with the car,you aren't a vibrational match with it,you can't attract it,you certainly aren't going to receive it with all those worries and fears. Unbeknown to you,you are giving that car to someone else,through your feelings and thoughts. Well,one day you go to the dealership to be with your car...its not where it had been assume its parked a panic you search the dealership...your car is gone! After catching your of the dealers drove it home for the'll be back Monday. So,Monday you cruise slowly past the dealership...looking for your car...its not there,its not anywhere! Angry,sad, go call the dealership...when a salesman gets on the phone with you,you ask about the car...he tells you he sold it a few days hang up and go scream, are hysterical...someone has your car! Its time for revenge!
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This is why my BMW 650i isn't at the BMW dealership. When its time for me to bring her home,she will arrive at the dealership,till then,I may not know where she is,but I know she's safe,protected,and 100% mine. I don't worry about her...I don't fear someone is going to take her from me. I can have good feelings and thoughts about her.
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Claiming It
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