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 Money Talks

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PostSubject: Money Talks   Money Talks I_icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 2:00 pm

Do NOT attach a money amount to your cosmic order for a new car. When you visualize your new car,do NOT include money with it. When you write about your new car,do NOT include money with it. Money is a "HOW" a "WAY" of receiving your car...and the how and the way are provided by the Universe. By including money with your car you are violating your success covent with the Universe. You also limit self and set up boundaries and rules when you choose how to receive your car. You restrict,you bind the Universe from granting you your car. Think about it...the Universe can make a way where there is none. He can do the impossible. There is nothing to difficult for Him. He owns all the gold and silver. However,you cage The Universe when you choose how you wish to receive your car. You say something like this to the Universe...I want to win $1,000,000.00 from a sweepstakes or lottery. This dear Universe is the way I want to receive my new car." What have you just did? You cut yourself off from thousands upon thousands of opportunities...blocked thousands upon thousands of wonderful ways in which you could've received your new car. With your attention fixed solely on sweepstakes and lotteries and that $1,000,000.00,you can't see the vast ocean of other opportunities and ways you could receive your car. Your golden ticket may not be found in a sweepstakes or lottery win. Your golden ticket may be in one of those other opportunities that you rejected. Your golden ticket could come through a wonderful unexpected,unknown to you opportunity...or from a generous,good hearted stranger. Consider limited yourself to $1,000,000.00. What if The Universe wanted to give you $10,000,000.00? That's missed cheated yourself,short-changed yourself. Think about this...the Universe knows the best way for you to receive that new car...and He knows the price of that car and how much its going to cost to maintain it. Let's say...your car costs $30,000.00...sooooooooo,you ask for $30,000.00...that's the amount you wish to receive...bummer for you...The Universe may have intended to give you $10,000,000.00. Man,did you miss out!

Do this instead of imposing limitations and boundaries...simply put in a cosmic order for the car...nothing else...just the car...but you can include...I am open to receive...I allow myself to receive this car. I let go and let the Universe deliver my car to me. I am grateful and offer thanksgiving for the car I am soon to receive.
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Money Talks
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