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 Visualizing Your Car

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PostSubject: Visualizing Your Car   Visualizing Your Car I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2011 9:51 pm

Its better to visualize your new car before falling asleep at night or prior to napping. Visualize your new car as if you already have it. DO NOT visualize it being at the dealership. See it,experience it as being in your driveway or garage,and visualize yourself driving it,washing and waxing it,caring for it. Use your 5 senses. What's it look like? What's the seats and steering wheel feel like? What's it feel like to own it,to drive? What's the exhaust notes sound like? How do the doors sound when they open and close? How does the hood sound when opened and when closed? What's the radio sound like? How does your car look in the sunlight,in the moonlight,on a cloudy day,in the rain,in the snow? Inhale that new car smell. Since you can't taste a car,unless you choose to lick one...yukky...imagine the taste of your favorite soda on your tongue. Feel its sleek,smooth paint...ouch,hot,when out in the summer sun...cold on a freezing day...wet after the rain or after a washing. Hear the birds singing while you are washing it,waxing it. Hear children laughing in play while you wash,wax,detail your car. Take notice of what is all around you and your car...trees,flowers,grass,sky,dogs barking,the sound of rain falling on the roof of your car. Allow yourself to feel all those wonderful feelings and emotions. Experience it all,as if the car is already yours. See yourself with your car...always be in your visions with your car...just as you are now. After you get the hang of visualizing it becomes fun,exciting,powerful.
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Visualizing Your Car
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